Storm Preparations Required

UPDATE FROM WEBMASTER (10/1): It looks like we were spared and the water never rose!

9/27 update (1 pm):

From the Rear Commodore:

I have been down to the club several times over the past few days.  With the storm surge estimated at up to 10 feet, I suggest that if you can pull your boat out and get it strapped down someplace away from the coast, you should consider doing so.  A 10 foot storm surge will be 8-10 feet ABOVE the seawall. 

Also, your window of opportunity will be closing rapidly.  A and B zones here in Pinellas are under evacuation orders as of 7:00 AM this morning.  At some point you may be stopped for being in these areas, or blocked from entering at all.

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To: GYC Members

As you are probably aware, a tropical storm may be headed our way in the next few days.  IF the storm stays on the predicted track, it could become a Category 2 hurricane with landfall on the west coast of FL in the middle of next week (Tues-Wed, September 27-28).

As stated in the GYC Ground Rules, dry slip boats shall be secured to the trailers, and trailers shall be secured to buried anchors. It is highly recommended that masts be stepped/lowered if the storm does continue to intensify and approach our area.

Wet slip boats should be secured in accordance with the individual owner’s written action plan, also in accordance with our Ground Rules.

Finally, loose gear on wet and dry slip boats should be removed to prevent them from becoming projectiles that could damage others’ boats and the neighboring homes.

If you have not visited the club recently, this weekend may be a good time to do so and implement your storm plan.  There may also be other members around if you need some help.  Please note that you are ultimately responsible for securing your own boat.

Mark Joseph

GYC Rear Commodore

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